Alumni Association

Shepherd University. Shepherd College. SU. No matter what you call it, Shepherd is a part of your life and there has never been a better time to GET CONNECTED!

The way to get connected and be a part of the exciting changes and developments of Shepherd University is by renewing your membership to the Shepherd University Alumni Association (SUAA).  If you have not been a member in the past, it's your time to take advantage of the opportunities to get and stay connected.

This year we are excited to launch our new exclusive logo for the Alumni Association (shown above).  We have also added more valuable opportunities for members, new additions to our member benefits and a new SUAA member card that alumni can show with pride.  The SUAA Card is your everyday reminder that you are integral part of the Shepherd family and are part of a proud network of alumni association members.

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The Shepherd University Alumni Association is a West Virginia, non-profit charitable corporation and tax-exempt pursuant to Sections 170(b)(1)(vi) and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

The mission of the Shepherd University Alumni Association is to enrich and diversify the University by developing and strengthening fellowship, involvement and communication among students, friends and alumni.

The Alumni Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors who serve three-year terms. The Board meets regularly throughout the year and an annual meeting is held each June where all association members are invited to attend.

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2nd Annual Season Wrap-Up

Directly following the season's final home game